Quiz: Jemma’s Pay Stub

quizz 1

Reading Jemma’s pay stub



1) What is the pay period on Jemma’s paystub?

2) When can Jemma cash her paycheque?

3) What is the social insurance number used for?

4) How much does Jemma make an hour (in dollar amount) ?

5) How many hours does Jemma work in a week?

6) What is Jemma’s monthly GROSS PAY amount (in dollar amount) ?

7) What is the total tax taken off Jemma’s cheque (in dollar amount) ?

8) What does CPP stand for?

9) What percentage of her GROSS PAY is the CPP amount?

10) What does EI stand for?

11) What is Jemma’s total NET income for the month (in dollar amount) ?

12) What should Jemma do with this pay stub?

13) What should Jemma NOT do with this pay stub?

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November 4, 2014
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