Find the Better Deal

Comparing unit prices is a good way to figure out the best deal on a product. To find out how much something costs per unit, divide the cost of the product by the number of units you are buying.

Cost ÷ units bought = unit cost

For example:

Which milk is a better deal?

milk milk

Milk A
costs $3 for 1 litre

Milk B
costs $4.50 for 2 litre

$3 ÷ 1 litre = $3 per litre

$4.50 ÷ 2 litres = $2.25 per litre

Milk B is a better deal. Even though the total cost is more, it costs less per unit. It makes sense to buy the 2 litre jug if you can use it up before its expiry date.



November 12, 2014
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